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 We welcome you to Labvisor websites and mobile apps properties, from now own only “Web Sites”, hosted at and their corresponding upper level domains (including associated subdomains), related software applications (commonly called applications), data, SMS messages, API, web mails, chat based and telephonic communications, buttons, widgets and ads (all together, the so called “Services”). These services are offered with the condition of the acceptance of the following conditions and warnings that will be described, composing the “Agreement”. By accessing or using the described Services, it is understood that you have already read and accepted the conditions described in the Agreement text developed under this paragraph, and thus, you accept to strictly comply the terms described.


Read the Agreement carefully, as it contains information referring to your legal rights and their limitations, so as a whole section about applicable legislation and dispute jurisdiction. If you do not accept all the terms described in the agreement, you will not be authorised to use the services. If you already have a LabVisor account and you wish to rescind this Agreement, you can do it anytime by closing your account and stop using the Services described.


Identificative data:

In fulfilment with the information duty gathered in the article number 10 of the Spanish Law 34/2002, from the 11th of July, of Services of the society of information and electronic commerce, here is describe the data of general information from the website


Legal warning purpose:

This Legal Warning regulates the conditions, access and use of the Website, its content and services, either paid or free to use, provided to the users; and Labvisor reservation policy with their clients.


Use of the services:

As a condition for the use of the Services, you assure that: (i) the information provided through the Services to LabVisor enterprises is truthful, accurate, updated and complete, (ii) if you are the owner of an account, you will protect the information within, and will supervise and make responsible of the possible other person use, (iii) you are, at least, 13 years old (in some jurisdictions, local laws may demand an older age), age that enables you to register for an account, use the Services and provide information to the Website, and (iv) you have the legal authority to fulfil his Agreement and use the Services, including our Website, in agreement with the terms and conditions specified in this document. Labvisor enterprises does not gather consciously information of any user younger that 13 years old. We keep the right to deny the use of the Services to any person, at any time and for any reason, including, among others, the non-compliance of the present Agreement.

By using the Services, including all products and services that allow you to share content with third-party sites, you make yourself responsible of the information shared with Labvisor enterprises. The use of the Services is limited to the purpose they are designed for and all according to the allowed uses on this Agreement.  


To access to certain functions of the services, you will have to create an account and become its Owner. When creating it, the information you proportion should be complete and accurate. You are the sole responsible of the activity produced in it, giving example, interactions and communications established with other users. Furthermore, you should protect it always and keep your contact data updated.

Your opinions will always be welcomed. Take into account that, when providing your Content into the Services or through them, either sending it via email, publishing in any synchronized product of LabVisor or through third party services and applications, or including your content, or part of it, that is transmitted to your LabVisor account under any product, service, opinion, question, picture, video, commentary, suggestion, idea of LabVisor enterprises or similar included in your Content, you give permission to the enterprises to a non-exclusive licence, free of author rights, constant, transferable, irrevocable and susceptible of other licences to (a) host, use, reproduce, modify, execute, adapt, translate, distribute, publish, create derivate work, and show and represent publicly your Content to the world in any format and through any known media or any media generated on the future; (b) offer your Content to the rest of the world and that others may do the same; (c) provide, promotion and improve the Services, so as making available to other enterprises, organizations or persons the Content of your property that was shared on the Services to syndicate it, retransmit it, distribute it, promote it or publish it in other media and services, according to our privacy terms and this Agreement, and to (d) use the name or commercial brand shared with your Content. And by the current document you agree that LabVisor can decide, at its entire discretion, if it is going to recognize you as the Content author. You also give to LabVisor enterprises the right to pursue before the law to any person or entity infringing its rights or the rights of its enterprises in the Content because of the breach of this Agreement. Your recognize and accept that your Content is not confidential nor your property. You recognize, manifest and guarantee that you are the proprietary of your Content or that you possess the licenses, rights (including copyright and necessary intellectual property rights), consent and necessary permits to publish it and use it in any way (both you and Labvisor Enterprises), as authorized in this Agreement.


If its determined that you conserve the moral rights (including all the authorship or integrity recognition rights) over the Content, according to what the actual law allows, its manifested that: (a) its not required the use of personal information that identifies you with the Content, nor the works derived from it or with the updates or improvements associated with it; (b) you don’t have any objection that LabVisor enterprises, their licensees, successors and assignees publish, use, modify or delete the Content; (c) you refuse all the author moral rights over the Content in its completeness or partially and you pledge not to claim any of those rights; and (d) you forever exempt LabVisor enterprises, their licensees, successors and assignees of any complains that you may do against LabVisor enterprises in virtue of those moral rights.


The commentaries and suggestions you may provide may be used at any time and without our obligation of keeping them confidential.


LabVisor enterprises does not guarantee confidentiality with respect to the Content that you may give on the Services nor the Interactive Areas. If LabVisor enterprises generate a private communication channel among the account Owners, you accept that those entities may supervise the essence of those communications with the will of maintaining our community and the Services. By the actual document, you recognize that LabVisor enterprises does not edit nor control the messages of the users that are published or distributed through the Services, including chat, the ad board and other communication forum, and is not responsible nor assume any duty over the messages. More specifically, LabVisor is not editing nor control the Content from the users appearing on the Web Sites. Although, LabVisor enterprises does keep the right of erasing, without previous notification, remove those messages or any other Content of the Services if they believe that the said Content break the current Agreement or they consider, for any other reason, that its reasonable to erase them to preserve the rights of LabVisor enterprises or any other user of the Services In case you are not in agreement with the erasing of your content from the Services, you can say it in the Help Center of LabVisor. By using the Interactive Areas, you accept that you will only send Content of your own authorship that matches the directives that LabVisor has published, in use at the moment of publishing.


Data protection:

According to what is written in the Personal data protection organic law 15/1999 (AEPD),  Articles 5 and 6 , so as what is written on the 21st December Royal Order 1720/2007, we inform you that all provided data will be part of LabVisor’s “Members” file, registered at the Spanish Data Protection Agency with the code (Data Protection ID number), expressly authorizing the data to be object of treatment for your requests, consult and/or reserve. Furthermore, you’re informed of the possibility of you requesting access, modification, cancelling or opposing (provided on the AEPD articles 15, 16 and 17, so as articles 23 to 26 of the R.O. 1720/2007) through the communication via the following e-mail ([email protected]).


Privacy policy:

By accessing our Web Sites and using our services, you recognize having read and understood the present Privacy policy, so as the systems of data gathering and treatment described on it.

This Privacy Policy was modified, last time, the 30th of January 2019. It’s possible that we modify it periodically, that’s why we advise you to check it regularly to keep update of any change.




This Privacy policy describes, in detail, our policy and methods related with gathering, use and diffusion of your personal data.

We understand that providing us with data implies a high confidence degree from you. That is the reason we take this confidence very seriously and it’s our higher purpose to guarantee both safety and confidentiality of the personal data you provide us when visiting our Web Site or using our Services.


  1. Personal data gathering.

  2. Use of your personal data.

  3. Who we share your data with.

  4. How long we keep your data.


1.  Personal data gathering


Personal data may refer to any information about a person from which he/she can be identified, as webmail addresses, birth date and password. This information does not include the resultant data when the identity has been erased or anonymized in other cases (anonymous data).

During our operations, we gather and treat personal data in different ways. We can gather personal data you provide us directly, but we can gather it also by registering your use of our Services, like using cookies on our WebSites. We can also receive information from third party collaborators, as it’s explained in the next parts of the Agreement.

The personal data about yourself that we may gather are, among others: your name, e-mail address, postal direction, telephone number and survey answers, as well as other information you may provide about yourself in our Web Sites, so as your IP address and web browser software.

You can choose not to provide us with this data. But you will have to give us some general information to access our Web Sites. Like, for example, only registered members can provide information about laboratories, participate in forums, send LabVisor content via email to themselves and other persons, access news and other content. We also gather information for safety reasons.


  • Information you provide us with: like is described onwards, we can receive and store all the information you provide us in our Web Page or provide us by any other way.

  • Information about other person: you need the consent of other persons to provide us with the information about them. If other LabVisor member grants you access  to their information you have to treat it appropriately.

  • Information of other sources: it’s possible that we obtain information about you through affiliated entities, commercial partners and other independent third party sources, and we add it to the rest of the information we have about you. For example, if you visit LabVisor through a linked address via our partner’s website, and you’re registered as member of that partner, it is possible that they share with us information about you that you provided to them, like contact information and demographic information.
    Another example could be if you access to our Web Site through third party web pages, like social networks, it’s possible that we can gather some information like your username and other kind of data that tis services may provide us according to their third party privacy policy.

  • Automatic information gathering: we gather, automatically, certain information about your computer or mobile device when visiting LabVisor. For example, we gather information about the session you’re on like IP address, web browser version, and reference website. It’s also possible that we gather certain information about your online activity like the viewed content, visited pages and searches. We gather all this information automatically to try and understand better your preferences and personalize your experience. We also gather other information so as to protect our web site and other users from a bad use of it.


2. Use of your personal data

We use the personal data we gather about you only for specific purposes. Among this purposes we include the following: offer you our services, manage your registration and account, like the access to our Web Sites and its use and publication of opinions and ratings; communicate with you in relationship with your account or use of our Web Sites; answer to questions or follow them, and, if necessary, help you through our Help Center; notify you about the changes done in our conditions or our privacy policy; ask you for your opinion or rating in a survey; manage and improve our Web Sites; measure your interest in our Web Sites and services, so as improving them; notify you about promotions; allow you to participate in raffles, competitions; establish protection, research and dissuasion actions against non-legitim, fraudulent, non-authorized or illegal activities; administer and protect our business, and put an end to disputes or problems.


3. How we protect your personal data

We want you to feel safe using LabVisor and we compromise to protect the personal data we gather. Although no website can offer a complete protection, we’ve included and keep physical, administrative, technical and organizational actions to protect the personal data you provide us against nonauthorized or illegal access, use or revealing of information and against losses, damages, modifications or accidental destruction.

For example, only authorized personnel can access personal data and only to fulfil several function that are allowed. We use codification for transmitting the personal information among our service and your system, so as between our system and the parts with whom we share confidential information. Furthermore we use firewall and intruder detection systems for avoiding non-authorized people accessing your personal data.


4. Information about underage

LabVisor is a general public web site and does not offer services for underage people. We don’t gather on purpose information related with underage people. In case we know that some user is under 13 years old and has provided us data, we will erase or destroy that information as soon as possible.


Intellectual property:

The information and content included on this Web Site, so as the source code, graphic design, images, pictures, software and text, are protected by Spanish legislation about intellectual property and industrial property favouring LabVisor and the reproduction and/or publication, complete or partial, of the Website, nor it’s informatic treatment, diffusion, distribution, modification, transformation nor any other recognized rights of its owner will be allowed without the owner written permission in advance. All the derivate rights of the intellectual property are reserved by LabVisor. The User, exclusively can use the material appearing on the Web Site for its personal and private use, being the commercial or illicit action use completely forbidden.


Guarantee exclusions and responsibility:

LabVisor doesn’t make itself responsible, in any case, of the damage and/or detriment of any nature that may be done, for example: errors or missing on the contents, non-availability of the portal or the transmission of virus or malicious programs or harmful ones on the content, although all the necessary technological measurements for avoiding it had been taken.



LabVisor keeps the right to apply the modifications it considers necessary on the Web Site without previous notification, being allowed to change, erase or add contents and services provided so as the way they’re presented or localized in the web sites.


Links to third party websites:

In the case that third party links are used, the User will be protected by the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy of the new web page. LabVisor will not be responsible nor have any legal obligation for the use of those web pages.



LabVisor will not deploy any misleading advertising through its Web Site. To this effect, formal or numeric mistakes found along the web page produced through the maintenance and/or incomplete update or defective update of the information contained will not be considered as misleading advertising.

LabVisor doesn’t take any responsibility on the non-compliance of any applicable rule In which the User may fall into in its access to the Web Site and/or use of the information contained within.


Applicable legislation and jurisdiction:

All parts will be subject to the Jury and Tribunals of the province of Madrid, Spain. The applicable law will be the spanish one.



In Madrid, 15th of Mach 2019.

Last update: 19th May 2019.




According to what is established on the article 22.2 from the Law 34/2002, of the 11th of July, about Services of the Information Society and Electronic commerce, this web page informs you , in this section, about the cookie use and treatment policy.



A cookie is a file that is downloaded into your computer when accessing determined web pages. These cookies allow the web page, among other things, to recover information about browsing habits of a certain user or its computer and, depending on the information contained and the way you use your computer, they can be used to recognized an user.



This web page uses the following kind of cookies:

  • Analytic cookies: they’re either treated by us or by third party, allowing us to quantify the number of users and that way do the metrics and statistical analysis of the use the users do of the offered services. For that we analyse your browsing for improving our services offer and products.

  • Technical cookies: allow the user to browse through the restricted area and use the different function, like for example, changing a commentary.

  • Advertising cookies: are those that, after being treated by this web page or by a third, allow to manage efficiently the possible offer of publicity banners in the web page, making the content accurate to the requested service or the use you do of our web page. For that end we can analyse your internet browsing habits and we can show you information related to it.

  • Behaviour advertising cookies: these ones allow the efficient management of the advertising banners that, in this case, the editor may include in the web page, application or platform from which the desired service is offered. This type of cookies stores information of the visitors behaviour through constant observation of their browsing habits, which allows to develop an specific profile to show adverts according to it.



You can allow, block or erase the cookies installed in your computer via the configuration of the options of the browser you use. In most of the browsers you’re allowed to allow, block or erase the cookies.

Configure cookies in Google Chrome

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This web page use third party services to gather information with statistical data and web use. We use Google Analytics services for our statistics and Google AdSense for our advertising. Some cookies are essential for the good working of the webpage, like the search engine.

Our web site includes other functionalities like contacting to the profile of the service via Facebook, Twitter or Google+ through the included buttons designed for that end.



You can erase and block the cookies on this site, but part of the site will not work properly or its quality may be affected.


If you have any doubt about our cookies policy you can contact us through our Contact Channels.