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Nanoparticles fabrication
The control of the morphology and size at the nanoscale is a hot topic because of the spectacular effects that small changes produce on a variety of physical (optical, magnetic, electronic…) properties of a material.

Nanoparticles assemblyNanoparticles assembly
The applicability, versatility and even certain properties of nanoparticles are enhanced through either their self-assembly or deposition on platforms (glass, beads, cellulose paper, hydrogels, etc.).

Nanoparticles for catalysisNanoparticles for catalysis
We study the capability of different nanoheterogeneous systems such as micelles, microemulsions, vesicles and metallic nanoparticles to modulate chemical reactions, focusing in their kinetic aspects; catalytic activity and changes in the reaction mechanisms.

(Bio)sensing, imaging and diagnosis based on SERS and SPR(Bio)sensing, imaging and diagnosis based on SERS and SPR
In this research line, we develop and design plasmonic nanostructures for applications in high-throughput screening and/or real time analysis of environmental-relevant analytes, such as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, H 2 absorption/storage, chemical reactions, etc.

Contrast agents for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)Contrast agents for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)
MRI is an important technique in diagnostic clinical imaging owing to its exceptional spatial and anatomical resolution. But the presence of an external agent is necessary to generate contrast.

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    Oct 20, 2019


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