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Modern society demands every day more individual commitment: in the family, at school, and in the professional environment. A prime consequence of modern life high-performance demand is the increase in individual stress, associated with a long list of stress-induced illnesses, both at the central nervous system level (psychoses, depression, anxiety disorders, but also some types of epilepsy), as well as at the peripheral level (skin disease, cancer, susceptibility to pathogen infections, etc.).

Mammals share a variety of biological responses to stress, each individual with different threshold to various stress type, load, and duration, as well as with different genetic predisposition and family history. In spite of an almost century-long solid progress in the field, many aspects of the biological action of stress on living organism -including on us humans- are yet largely unknown. That’s why many research groups in the world, including ours at UASLP (Universidad Autonoma de San Luis Potosi) use experimental methods to identify how stress affects the organism, and how to minimize the long-term effects of stress.

  • Laboratory of Electrophysiology and Behavior

    Oct 21, 2019


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