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Laboratory of Microbiology and Biocatalysis of Foods (MicroBio) 5,00/5 (1 Valoración )

The work of the group is focused in two main research lines: 1) food safety and health; 2) enzyme obtainment and characterization to improve the food quality.

The first research line covers the study of both, foodborne pathogens and other gastrointestinal bacteria and his interaction for consumer wellbeing. We are working on the search for alternative strategies to the use of antibiotics and disinfectants for the control of pathogenic microorganisms, using by-products from the food industry and other compounds of natural origin as a source of bioactive extracts. We are also studying the mechanisms of pathogen microorganisms to growth and/or survive in the food chain, virulence markers, and stress resistance attributes.

The second research line addresses the identification of microbial enzymes which is useful to improve food quality and safety. The current work is focused on enzymatic biotransformation of functional ingredients such as prebiotics and lipids. Also we are developing new strategies for enzyme immobilization to use them as biological tools in surface enzyme biotechnology.

  • Laboratory of Microbiology and Biocatalysis of Foods (MicroBio)

    Oct 20, 2019


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