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“We are investigating the dynamic evaluation of process plans, that is, the verification of the plan (s) taking into account the availability of machines; This is because sometimes a process plan generated “”offline”” may not actually be executed because one or more machines are unavailable. To solve this problem, the following techniques have been used:
· Simulation techniques, where the modeling of the manufacturing system is done, including the behavior of the resources present in the system. With the model, which faithfully represents the system, we perform system performance analyzes according to numerous parameters.
· Use of process plans containing pre-planned alternatives, allowing for quick decision making on subsequent operations to be performed on parts, considering resource availability (eg machines, tools and part clamping devices) . For example, if an alternative cannot be performed due to the unavailability of a certain tool, another alternative is available to be selected, eliminating the need to pursue a solution in a hurry and under pressure, which usually results in production delay and quality. smallest of parts.
Another area in which GRIMA has been conducting research activities is in the manufacturing of distance parts through the Internet. This type of manufacture is motivated by the fact that the customer does not necessarily have the equipment and accessories for the manufacture of the product, which equipment usually has a high cost. From the point of view of the company performing the manufacturing itself, while directly contacting the customer, by responding promptly to the request for product quality and delivery time, they can not only maintain their niche market but also increase it. A more detailed description of this area of ​​research has been made in a scientific article.”

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