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Dr. Mohamed Gamal El-Din’s research work has resulted in important advancements in the area of advanced oxidation and ozone treatment and reactor design for fast-reaction environments, particularly, the application of ozone treatment as an advanced oxidation process. Another part of Dr. Gamal El-Din’s research program has centered on the development of new materials and advanced treatment processes for water and wastewater remediation. A part of Dr. Gamal El-Din’s research program is also focused on the development of cost-effective and simple, yet highly efficient treatment systems for rural communities in both industrialized and developing countries. In addition, Dr. Gamal El-Din has an active research program in the area of oil sands tailings water treatment. The goal of this research area is to provide not only innovative treatment and reclamation approaches to protect environmental and public health, but also to facilitate water reuse and/or the safe discharge of treated process water into the receiving environment with minimal environmental and health impacts.

Ongoing research projects

Use of solar-driven advanced oxidation process for municipal and industrial wastewater;
Application of catalytic oxidation for simultaneous adsorption and oxidation for municipal wastewater and oil and gas process water;
Novel enhanced primary treatment of combined sewer overflow (CSO) using combinations of oxidants and coagulants;
Application of nanotechnology in developing innovative systems for water and wastewater treatment;
Development of new materials and treatment processes for water reclamation; and
Development of innovative active and engineered passive treatment/reclamation approaches for treating oil sands process water.”

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