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Neonatology Department – 12 de Octubre University Hospital 4.67/5 (1 Review )

The Neonatology Service of the Hospital 12 de Octubre is a Level III C Service and has all the necessary resources to attend to any newborn regardless of their pathology or severity. It is a reference unit of the Neonatology Services of the South area of ​​Madrid, with 2 neonatologists integrated in the Transportation Service of the Community of Madrid. It offers all the services that a level IIIC neonatal unit includes but has also always considered that the family is paramount and therefore, Family-Centered Neonatology and Development-Centered Care are part of its assistance model, following the model of care. care of the most advanced neonatal units in the United States, Canada, Australia and the Nordic countries.

  • Neonatology Department – 12 de Octubre University Hospital

    Dec 11, 2019


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