Supramolecular Chemical and Synthetic Biology

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The lipid bilayer membrane is the dynamic barrier that Nature has selected to keep ions and biomolecules confined in the appropriate location. This cellular compartmentalization is of critical importance for all the processes that allow life in complex organisms. However, the membrane barrier represents a problem when trying to introduce probes and/or deliver therapeutics. Therefore it is imperative to find new conceptual ways to enter cells and cross the lipid bilayer. As organic chemists we design and synthesize new molecules that can cross cell membranes and help in the delivery of other molecules. We focus our efforts in the use of dynamic covalent chemistry for the incorporation of the hydrophobic part of amphiphilic molecules that translocate the membrane and help in the delivery of polymers of biological interest. We use simple and facile synthetic methods to make molecules that we can evaluate in green fluorescent He-La cells for the delivery of interference RNA (siRNA).

  • Supramolecular Chemical and Synthetic Biology

    Oct 21, 2019


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