Frequently Asked Questions

Is it really an anonymous website?

We guarantee so. The only people who will access your personal data will be the Member Management Team, and it will only be checked when we are confirming and validating your opinions.


Besides, we have reduced the traceability of the comments in research groups in order to protect your personal information. It is impossible to associate a current or an ex-employee neither with the period of time nor the job they did in a lab.

Why am I asked about my personal information?

Unlike other websites that share people’s opinions, LabVisor only allows and displays impressions from people who were truly there.

In order to offer you real information, we require certain details that confirm who you are and if you really were part of the research group you are evaluating.


Everything you tell us will only be used for this purpose.

Will the data that I provide appear somewhere on your website?

Under no circumstances will we allow your personal information to be published on LabVisor. When you log in, your interactions will only show the nickname you chose when registering.

I don’t want to share my personal information as I fear the consequences and ruining my career, but I also want to leave a review. What can I do?

We have also worked in research groups and understand this situation. Nonetheless, we believe that there is always a way to solve problems, and that is why we strongly recommend contacting us rather than staying silent. We can personally discuss your case and find a solution for it. Do not hesitate to contact us at anytime! We will be more than happy to help you.

How do I distinguish between a verified opinion from a non-verified one?

Every review you read in our website is checked and verified personally. This means that when you browse through the comments of a research team, our Member Management Team has confirmed that it was written by a real person who worked in that research group.

I have gone through or I am currently going through very serious issues in my research group

Unfortunately, we have already heard from people who suffered from mobbing, or even sexual harassment in their workplace.

LabVisor is only an intermediary, we lack the legal tools or education in law to intercede in this cases. But you are not alone. We work closely with lawyers and labour unions that can help you.

We support you, and we will be there for you if you think we will be helpful.

I am a Principal Investigator. What can I do with negative ratings on Labvisor?

We usually detect fraud before it is published on our website. However, if you believe that there may be a false review, we would appreciate you inform us about it. We will check the opinion, verify if it comes from a real person, and decide accordingly.

Here you have some facts you should consider about ratings and how we manage them:

                —We do not accept any kind of payment to remove ratings or comments.

                —Our members self certify their association with a research group.

                —We eliminate reviews when we find evidence of fraud. Our policy is “one rate per group and per position” (students doing a project for their degree, master’s degree students, PhD…).

                —We generally do not consider requests to eliminate reviews that come from people who have personal interests in this issue. We do not know to what extent we can trust these words.

                —By no means would we reveal personal information about any of our users.


                —Final decisions about the contents displayed in this website will be made by LabVisor according to our values and our criteria. We are not open to negotiations about this topic.

I have written a review on LabVisor. Will LabVisor protect my identity if a PI or another person wants to know who wrote it?

LabVisor is strongly committed to being a platform in which people can share their experience about research groups while being completely anonymous. This allows  our members to act freely, not fearing retaliations or threats. Therefore, we will never give away any personal details about our users.

Can PIs pay LabVisor in order to remove negative reviews?

Absolutely not. We don’t allow this because it simply is not right the right thing to do, and because it is important for us not to do so. If PIs can control what our reviews show, we would have no credibility. Therefore, we do not accept any kind of payment that involves hiding information.

Can my research group be removed from LabVisor if I request so?

We believe that transparency is one of our fundamental values. According to this, we can never accept to eliminate your research group even if it is requested.